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  • Writer's pictureDr. Jennifer Hintzsche, Ph.D.

When to Start Tracking Ovulation

By the time I started trying to conceive, I had a Ph.D. in Biology and had completed post-doctoral training in precision oncology. You would think that I would be somewhat knowledgeable in reproductive science or that understanding my menstrual cycle would be a walk in the park…right? The reality is that I found I knew very little about women's health and had to dig through sparse and old scientific research to learn about how my own body worked, and sadly, I'm not alone.

A recent poll of over 2000 women found that 57% of those surveyed felt they didn't know as much about women's anatomy as they should, 42% wished they had a better understanding of what the organs in the reproductive system do, and 35% would like to know when a woman is most fertile.

If your menstrual cycle feels like a mystery and you're wondering how and when to start tracking ovulation… don't worry.

I'm going to share all the knowledge I learned on my journey right here!

Why Start Tracking Ovulation Now?

How many of you have had a conversation with a friend or family member where they announced…

"The pregnancy caught us off guard. We weren't planning to start a family for a few years," or "we can't believe it, I've only been off the pill one month, and I'm pregnant already."

Although you are undoubtedly excited for them, a part of you probably feels like you've been punched in the gut and wondering why you have to work so hard to conceive while others become pregnant without even trying.