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Science-based, patented, methods to help you become a parent.

Grab your free ovulation journal—let’s do this together.

Track Your Ovulation Cycle with Confidence and Scientific Accuracy!

When it comes to fertility, knowledge really is power. At PherDal Fertility Science, we make sure that you have access to scientifically-backed information so you can achieve your dreams of becoming a parent. 


Our patented, pioneering ovulation tracking method is carefully designed to help you identify the most fertile days in your cycle. Both novices and experts have gained insight into their cycle from our ovulation tracking workbook—there are tons of helpful examples and handy tips to maximize your chances of success. 


Since we keep it real, we also included the mistakes people often make when tracking ovulation, so that you can avoid them. 


Our Founder, Dr. Jenn, has dealt first-hand with the challenges of infertility, struggling to conceive for an exhausting 16 months. She took all the knowledge she gained along the way and put it into an easy to follow guide. With Dr. Jenn’s patented scientific approach, you’ll gain vital insight into your unique cycle. 


Get instant access and start tracking your cycle with confidence today!

fertility coaching and support at pherdal

Free Ovulation Journal

Timing is key. Get valuable insight into your cycle with our free ovulation journal.

Ready, set, TRACK! Your ovulation journal is headed to your inbox now!

PherDal Fertility Science has one goal: to empower you to take control of your fertility and become a parent. We put that agency directly into your hands with pioneering science, tech, and compassionate support. Effective at home fertility support begins with knowledge: understanding your unique cycle and helping you make informed decisions about your reproductive health. Have questions? We love questions. Reach out—we’re always here to listen and help. 

Dr Jenn Fertility Coaching and Consulting

Infertile Ph.D.
to PherDal Founder

Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO of PherDal

Dr. Jenn struggled to conceive for over a year before being diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Fertility specialists told her that expensive options were her only chance at becoming a mother.  Instead, Dr. Jenn took her fertility into her own hands.

After 16 months of infertility, Hintzsche and her husband Ryan, a mechanical engineer, invented The PherDal Kit and the PherDal tracking methodology. They used their now-patented medical device and method to conceive their daughter in just the second month of use.


Knowing she could help other people struggling with infertility, Dr. Jenn started PherDal (pronounced 'fertile' but spelled with a Ph.D.) to help others have an affordable and safe fertility option she was able to make for herself.  

Our mission is to empower women with the tools they need to understand their own fertility cycle and to provide them with the support they need to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. 

Our team of experts, led by Dr. Jenn, is here to support you with ovulation consulting so that you can more easily understand the science behind your cycle. All information and education, zero nosy medical advice.

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