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Balancing compassion with ground-breaking technology, we’re on a mission to develop the world’s FIRST FDA-cleared, at home artificial insemination kit that’s 100% sterile and affordable. 

At home IUI kit featured on MarketWatch News as infertility treatment
worlds first at home IUI kit alternative featured on CBS NEWS
Dr. Jennifer Hintzsche Fertility Expert featured in Forbes Magazine for clinical expertise
NBC News features the best at home IUI Kit
Fox News 5 features at home IUI
At home IUI Kit alternative
ABC NEWS features PherDal the At Home Infertility Treatment
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Psychology Today 

Good News for Couples Challenged by Infertility

One new product that’s expected to be on the market by this summer or early fall is designed specifically to reduce costs for infertile couples. The creator behind this new product is Jennifer Hintzsche, CEO and founder of PherDal Fertility Science, who has a Ph.D. in bioinformatics, a field that combines the study of computer science and biology. With assistance from her husband, a mechanical engineer, Hintzsche designed the first, sterile, over-the-counter, assisted reproduction kit, which women can use at home. Hintzsche estimates the kits will cost $200, compared to the $300-$4,000 cost of a cycle of Intrauterine Insemination IUI, or the $12,000 clinics typically charge for a cycle of IVF. Hintzsche is in the process of getting FDA approval.


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PherDal is developing the first FDA-cleared, sterile, patented, over-the-counter assisted reproduction kit. After a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, our founder used her Ph.D. in Biology to invent a medical device that, in two months, conceived her daughter. 200 proof-of-concept kits sold out in 90 days, resulting in 27 pregnancies.

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