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You’re dreaming of building a family.

We’re working hard to help you get there.

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at home insemination kit

PherDal Fertility Science At Home Insemination Kit 

A 2018 study showed that during non-medically induced ovulation, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) & Intracervical Insemination (ICI)—like the PherDal Kit—have the same live birth rate (1). 
Our mission is to empower you with an affordable, safe, 100% sterile fertility option to try in the private comfort of your home.

Balancing compassion with ground-breaking technology, we’re on a mission to develop the world’s FIRST FDA-cleared, at home artificial insemination kit that’s 100% sterile and affordable. 

The world’s first 100% sterile, safe, 

We Support You—Always

"Delivering Hope: The at-home device looking to change the world of infertility."

PherDal Fertility Science has one goal: to empower you to take control of your fertility and become a parent. We put that agency directly into your hands with pioneering science, tech, and compassionate support. Effective at home fertility support begins with knowledge: understanding your unique cycle and helping you make informed decisions about your reproductive health. Have questions? We love questions. Reach out—we’re always here to listen and help. 

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