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Developing the first and only FDA-cleared, safe, at home fertility treatment 


Your assisted reproduction kit

At home IUI technology

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Building families through science.

PherDal is the only sterile Insemination kit that is easy & comfortable to use in the privacy of your own home.

LGBTQ+ success, lesbian couple that successfully conceived with PherDal at home insemination


It's a tie!

A 2018 study showed that during 

non-medically induced ovulation, 

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) & Intracervical Insemination (ICI), like what the PherDal Kit provides, have the same live birth rate (1).

Our goal is to offer you an affordable fertility option to try in the privacy of your own home.

1) Kop, P. A., Mochtar, M. H., O'Brien, P. A., Van der Veen, F., & van Wely, M. (2018). Intrauterine insemination versus intracervical insemination in donor sperm treatment. The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 1(1), CD000317.


Patented Sterile Technology
gets sperm closer to the egg safely


PherDal is leading the industry by including 3 sterile syringes and 3 cups, per kit. That means more chances per month at less cost, and without reusing anything!

PherDal is a proud ally of the LGBTQAI+ community, a supporter of single mothers by choice, and hopes to empower all people on their journey trying to conceive!

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